Double8 – MTB & MTB – EA

The Double8: a classified and timed MTB & MTB-EA event

Ranging from 23km to 82km, it is ideal for amateurs but also for long distance aficionados. This year the event will take place on Sunday, July 16, 2023.

In the shape of a double “8” or 4-leaf clover, these are four loops of varying difficulty in a “stop or go” format.

groupe de vététistes roulant sur une crête au coucher du soleil

The race is available in 2 versions: MTB & MTB-EA

Each race is available in individual format or in 2 person relay teams. Both formats will take place together on Sunday, July 16, 2023 in our beautiful alpine landscape.

The base camp for the start and finish will be established in Plagne Bellecôte. The participants will start on the first loop and will be able to make the pleasure last according to their state of form by engaging on the following loops, all equipped with new points of interest with varied landscapes between forests and high mountain.

You can choose between 23 km, 46 km, 71 km or 82 km!

The order of the loops is imposed as follows :

Loop 1 – Plagne Montalbert sector – 23 km – 1025m D+.

Loop 2 – Montchavin-les-Coches sector – 23km – 815m D+.

Loop 3 – Champagny en Vanoise sector – 25km – 1165m D+.

Loop 4 – Tour du Saint Jacques – 11km – 576 m D+.

Will be considered as finishers the participants who will have realized the 4 loops for a total of 82km and 3820m D+!


Double8 schéma cumuls distance boucles

The classification categories for the Double8:


Classification on the number of loops completed: 1 loop (23 km) or cumulative time of 2 loops (46 km) or cumulative time of 3 loops (71 km) or cumulative time of 4 loops (82 km, finisher, podium for the winners) with a female / male classification for each category.

Bonus of 400 € for the male and female winners of the general classification.

MTB in relay of 2

Classification by team category women / men / mixed. Teams must complete all 4 loops to be finishers.

Relay given after each loop completed.

Reward and podium for the 1st team of each category.

Individual MTB-EA

Classification on the number of loops completed: 1 loop or cumulative time of 2 loops or cumulative time of 3 loops or cumulative time of 4 loops (finisher).

2 categories of classification according to the cumulative power of the batteries: less than 1200Wh / 1200Wh and +.Classification woman / man for each.

Participants must have 2 batteries to ride at least 2 loops or more. Each battery must have a minimum power of 500Wh for a charge in rotation between each loop..


200€ bonus for the male and female winners of the general classification.

MTB – EAin relay of 2

2 categories of classification on the cumulative power of the battery: (less than 1200 Wh / 1200 Wh and +) with a woman / man / mixed classification for each.

Relay given after each loop completed.

The team must have 2 batteries of 500Wh minimum for a charging in rotation between each loop.

The Double8 – Certified by the French Cycling Federation

Regional XC Marathon Championship Label

A long cross-country race over a total distance of 82km, the Double8 is labelled Regional XC Marathon Championship by the FFC

Regional MTB EA Championship label

The Double8 is a race designed to accommodate ATVs and has been awarded the Regional MTB EA Championship by the FFC.



Cyclistes sautant un obstacle

The base camp :

The base camp in Plagne Bellecôte is the place where everything happens: the start and finish lines for the 4 circuits, a refreshment point to recharge your (physical) batteries, a battery charging stand (supervised), a washing station and repair stand are available there.

E-mountain bike competitors (individual and relay teams) must leave their spare battery at the recharging stand with its charger, where it will be left to charge during the race and exchanged for the empty battery after one circuit, and so on for the 4 circuits. Charging will be the competitor’s responsibility and the time required for the changes must be taken into account for respecting the time barriers (see course and rules).